What's It Like To Work With Me?

My Clients Say it Best...

Jewel Love has been nothing short of transformative, and I am so grateful for the impact you have had on my life and my career.

William Watkins, MBA

I was looking for a job. I had a killer resume, but I didn't have the right mindset. I started working with Jewel because he helped me unlock my zone of genius. And I did land a job! So if you're looking for career help, coaching prep, call Jewel, and he'll get you the dream job that you're looking for.

KJ Green

Jewel provides a balance of challenge and support that helped shift my perspective on how to navigate my career in order to achieve my career goals

Dr. Cornell Verdeja-Woodson

Priceless Tips!

Wayne Sutton

As Black men, we deal with different levels of trauma than the rest of the world. Through coaching, we build up confidence and skills to overcome any challenges—a bias moment or a racism moment—that help us out career-wise. Jewel has provided priceless tips, self-reflection lessons, and learning opportunities.

Great Experience!

Trae White, CPCU, CIC

Working with Jewel in a coaching capacity has been a great experience for me. He is the type of coach who keeps you accountable for the goals that you discuss, both personal and professional. Good coaches know how to listen, provide constructive feedback, and help you discover the answers that lie within all of us. Jewel knows how to do just that!

Fantastic Coach!

Dr. Sidney Childs

Jewel is a fantastic coach. He was able to offer thoughtful and practical approaches to help me address and remove several mental roadblocks toward reaching my personal and professional goals.

Jewel and the team at Black Executive Men (BEM) are an action-oriented consulting firm that has only one mission to support Black men in accomplishing their goals. BEM helps clarify the tangible, intangible, perceived, and limiting beliefs that can slow the process of accomplishing goals. I highly recommend BEM!

Nur Nadir

Outstanding Service!

Ricky Turner

Jewel Love is insightful, clear, direct, and thoughtful in his approach. He helps you organize and sort through your feelings and move confidently forward with a plan for your success. His service is outstanding.

Newfound Opportunities!

Joe Buza

Jewel has helped me transform my life by helping me confront and overcome my insecurities, leading to improved relationships, personal growth, and newfound opportunities.


William Watkins, MBA

| want to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the best executive coach I've ever worked with. Jewel Love has been nothing short of transformative, and I am so grateful for the impact you have had on my life and my career. I recommend your services to anyone in need.

Keddrick Agu-Udemba
A priceless investment in professional and personal growth.

Jewel is a one-of-a-kind coach who genuinely cares about his clients. His method is simple, straightforward, and the foundation for success. As a black professional looking for an executive coach to help me position myself for growth, BEM is an obvious choice.

I wish we had crossed paths much earlier in my career!

My journey with Black Executive Men has begun quite recently, but how I wish we had crossed paths much earlier in my career! I feel seen and understood and now we're set to work on optimizing all aspects of my Executive Presence in Corporate America."

Marcoli Cyrille, MD
Matt Stokes
Partner with Jewel Love of Black Executive Men

Jewel Love of Black Executive Men is great at what he does. I have enjoyed working with him to further develop my strengths and build and launch my consulting business. He is attentive, goal-oriented, action-oriented, very knowledgeable, and a steadfast coach. He has held me accountable for what I said I would do. Jewel genuinely cares about and uplifts Black men looking to grow, thrive, and prosper in their careers and lives. Through our partnership, I have built more confidence in my abilities and skills. I would highly recommend him.

Jewel is a "whisperer"

Jewel is a "whisperer". He provides more than just tactics or tools that I need on this journey, and almost like a counselor, has an uncanny ability to get to the underlying emotional, psychological, and heart issues that tend to hold us back.

I leave every conversation with a better conviction on who I am and what needs to get done. My growth as a leader working with Jewel has been exponential - and worth every amount of investment.

Mike Moises
Dave Smith
Exactly what I needed

Jewel helped me identify my strengths as an advertising expert and gave me valuable insights on how to achieve my long-term career and financial goals. He's also down-to-earth and authentic. I highly recommend a session with Jewel if you're looking for guidance.

Holistic Vision

Jewel listened to my desired career journey and offered excellent advice, especially in areas of blind spots, such as social-emotional needs and partnership. I look forward to working with him as I develop a holistic vision for my life. Worth every amount of investment.

Reginald Benbow
Cliff Eugene
Authentic and professional

Jewel is an enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable professional in his field. With a genuine passion for fostering success, he is dedicated to making every interaction during his power hour impactful and rewarding. Jewel excels in employing effective motivational techniques that empower individuals to take their next best steps towards achieving their goals. Connect with him to experience a transformative and empowering journey of growth and success.

Jewel is a master of his Craft.

I had my first consultation call with Jewel Love of Executive Black Men. From the first few minutes of our call, I was able to let my guard down, Jewel is truly great at what he does. He is able to connect on the surface level, then dig a little deeper to understand pain points and purpose. He has a passion for helping others get past those roadblocks that may be holding them back. I would highly recommend him to anyone, and I look forward to working with Jewel again in the future.

Jacques Bienaise
Brandon Smith
Breaking out and breaking through...

Before engaging with Black Executive Men, I felt like a river swelling behind a dam; a mass of potential energy with no clear or structured outlet. My drive for personal and professional improvement was morphing into frustration and emotional stagnation, with my energy and purpose often winding up diluted or misdirected.

Through Jewel's empathetic ear and uplifting energy, I've experienced several profound breakthroughs, akin to the dam finally giving way. He's guided me to discover more fulfilling and productive ways to channel my energy, and has assisted me in tapping into my purpose and potential across all areas of my life. I truly cannot put a price on this kind of clarity.

Jewel engaged me in accountability talk

He has demonstrated his skills and commitment to my success.

From the first session, when Jewel engaged me in an accountability talk, to each successive conversation that pushes my thinking and clarifies my goals, he has demonstrated his skills and commitment to my success. I am enthusiastically writing to encourage anyone who wants to get out of his own way and begin to move towards your purpose to sign-on.

Rubain Dorancy

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