How Motivated Black Men Make 7-Figures 💸

FOR MOTIvated blaCK men

How To Make 7-Figures 💸

In Your Job or Business


How To Make 7-Figures 💸

In Your Job or Business

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Executive Coaching

How To Land Your Dream Job

If You’re a Black Man in Corporate America

The success of your career depends on your income.

• Cash

• Equity

• Benefits

And not any income, but a 7-figure 💸 income that helps you take care of your family, travel the globe, take care of your health, enjoy your hobbies, and give back to causes you care about most.

Without a 7-figure 💸 income, your lifestyle and impact won't be as big as they could be.

I can help.

Many coaches teach Black men how to get new jobs, start new businesses, and get promotions and raises in formats that simply don't work.

Watching motivational YouTube videos, listening to career-focused podcasts, reading executive presence books, and seeking out free mentors to help you get Series B funding will have you spending hundreds of hours with few results.

There's a huge difference between watching videos on how to advance your career and taking the right actions to do so.

Jewel helped me land my dream opportunity at a significant increase from my prior company. I am eternally grateful for our connection.

Donovan Bell


There’s a better way...

I show my clients an easy approach that works, and I give you support every step of the way.

Welcome to my site. Have a look at my About page. Click on my Success Stories page to meet some of the people I've worked with.

And when you’re ready, click below to schedule your call to learn how I help my clients reach 7-figure 💸 jobs and businesses they love.

Jewel Love

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