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You have come to the right place for healing. While you are a recognized leader with a strong track record of professional success, you may also feel broken inside. In fact, most people would be shocked to hear that you may actually feel isolated, uncertain, or overwhelmed. 

The stress of being one of the only black execs in senior management, alongside feeling targeted by society at-large, judged for not being "black enough" or "man enough", or feeling lonely due to surface level relationships, can all produce anxiety, stress, and negative emotions.

Fortunately, I can help. As the founder of Black Executive Men, it is my honor to provide black men in corporate America with a clear path toward emotional freedom, inner peace, and authentic relationships.

As an executive psychotherapist, I hold high standards for your mental and emotional health, and will provide you with the tools to achieve it. Clinically, I hold your safety, comfort, and confidentiality as paramount.

Invest in yourself today and save yourself years of unnecessary suffering. You can contact me now using the message box below to enquire about your initial consultation.

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Jewel Love Jr., MA, MFT
Founder, Black Executive Men
Executive Psychotherapist & Coach

Top 11 FAQ's

1. How much is treatment? Please call to discuss.

2. How often is treatment? Once a week for 50-minutes.

3. What's the difference between executive psychotherapy and executive coaching? Executive psychotherapy focuses on healing, particularly the past and emotions. Executive coaching focuses on action and moving past blocks in the present. I only provide executive psychotherapy to clients inside of California. I provide executive coaching for clients around the world.

3. What happens in a treatment? Good question. I provide a nonjudgmental atmosphere for you to get a few things off your chest. Then, we will work together to find effective ways for you to experience mental empowerment and emotional freedom. 

4. What kinds of symptoms do you treat? The symptoms I treat include: stress, anxiety, negative emotions, negative self-talk, suicidal thinking, unexplained crying, lack of energy, reduced libido, hopelessness, loneliness, anger, alcohol and drug abuse, sexuality concerns, insomnia or hypersomnia (over sleeping), lack of confidence, anxiety stemming from not feeling "man enough" or "black enough", and more.

5. When does treatment end? Treatment often ends when your symptoms are alleviated and you feel confident about your mental, relational, and emotional health.

6. What is your background? I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California and a psychological coach worldwide. I hold an MA in Clinical Psychology and a BA in Black Studies. Through my safe and effective approach, I have helped many clients find emotional freedom, authentic relationships, and inner peace.

7. How did you get into this niche? I started with a general practice. However many Black Executive Men began calling me for appointments. As it is an honor to work with these men, I doubled-down in order to provide them with specialized care.

8. Okay, so where would we meet? We can meet at my office in Oakland, California. We can also meet on the phone or through video conferencing. 

9. Do you accept insurance? No, unfortunately not. Nor do I accept EAP. However I am happy to give you a superbill for your insurance provider to reimburse you for out-of-network services.

10. Do you speak or host workshops? Yes. Please contact me about speaking opportunities and my Emotional Mastery For Executive Leaders workshops.

11. Do you treat couples as well as individuals? Yes, I also treat couples in need of couple's counseling. 

The Next Step

Invest in yourself today and save yourself years of unnecessary difficulty. Get in touch with me to enquire about your initial consultation through my message box below. During your initial consultation, we can briefly discuss your mental health concerns and how to achieve your related goals.




444 34th Street #5
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Areas of Practice

emotional Freedom

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, tearful, irritable, unable to sleep, or depressed? I can walk you through an experiential education in emotional literacy, that will validate your current feelings, while giving you insights into your preferred positive feelings, and a pathway to get there.

inner peace

Experiencing negative self-talk, mental turmoil, or suicidal thoughts? I can help you strengthen your mind by selecting healthier thoughts that give you mental clarity, improve your self-image, and boost your self-esteem.

authentic relationships

Just moved to a new city? No longer in close contact with your old friends? Contrary to the lone wolf theory, most Black Executive Men need authentic relationships to thrive. I can provide you with the interpersonal skills needed to build and maintain genuine and intimate relationships with friends and loved ones.


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