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Black mental health is trending, thanks to celebrities and millennials. Our company is actively partnering with progressive corporations to bring our Mental Health Program to Black Employee Resource groups.

We’ve never had anything like this before, I support it 100%!
— Google Employee
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ERGs (Employee Resource Groups)

ERGs are employee-led community groups that connect employees under a common purpose with respect to identity and inclusion. ERGs foster belonging for underrepresented groups. They provide resources for employees to build relationships across different roles and teams through shared backgrounds and experiences as related to one’s identity. ERGs also offer forums for sharing experiences, asking questions, and seeking feedback from peers. They also encourage allyship with employees who don’t have the same identity as the particular group. (Loran Simon. The Power and Value of Employee Resource Groups, 2018)

Going forward, we can now take better care of each other!
— Microsoft Employee
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The Business Case For ERGs

ERGs benefit the company overall.  They boost work performance, increase diversity in hiring and retention, and create opportunities for mentorship and career development. ERGs also facilitate company-wide cross-collaboration. Apart from the business case, ERGs are the lifeblood of any inclusion and belonging program. (Loran Simon. The Power and Value of Employee Resource Groups, 2018)

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I look forward to helping you soon.

-Jewel Love, LMFT

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