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Take charge of your mental health.

It’s another difficult day at the office. Although your colleagues view you as a success, internally you often feel anxious around others, isolated in your personal life, and worried about your future.

Unfortunately, your feelings of loneliness, fear, and anxiety have reduced your ability to focus at work.

➤ You Are Not Alone

As you have very few people to confide in about your feelings of failure or not wanting to be here anymore, you now wonder if something is wrong with you inside.

Whether you are struggling because of an upcoming divorce, racial tension at the office place, upsetting family news, work stress, or even social isolation, they all can negatively impact your wellbeing overtime.

➤ The Good News

We’re here to help. With fresh eyes and an approach that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

My typical client improves his communication skills and speaks openly and authentically in ways that empowers his coworkers while creating closer bonds of connection.

He develops deep and meaningful relationships with his friends and family members that sustains him emotionally, leading to lasting feelings of joy and satisfaction within.

His confidence and focus improves as he hits his professional stride at the office and on the road.

He is viewed not only as an effective leader by his colleagues and subordinates, but also as an executive who others have a heartfelt connection with.


I look forward to helping you soon.

-Jewel Love, Licensed Psychotherapist and Counselor.


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➤ About Jewel

As a licensed psychotherapist and the CEO of Black Executive Men. Jewel is passionate about helping you find clarity and healing. His ethnic background includes African American and Scottish Canadian heritage.

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